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    Bus Operator Trainer

    Meet Esat. Esat is one of over 70 Bus Operator Trainers that work in Sydney and Newcastle. He began as a Trainee Bus Operator in 2005 after moving from New Zealand to finish his study as a mechanic. "I had no knowledge of Sydney at all. It was a big challenge for me to navigate my way around. But with the help of my trainers and colleagues, I was able to meet the challenge. I gained the patience to assist confused and frustrated passengers, the ability to really listen and communicate and the ability to resolve issues and help answer customer enquires."

    Esat spent 5 years on the road not just getting to know the routes but the job as well. He then took the opportunity to become a Bus Operator Trainer which involved driving in the morning then coaching his colleagues in the afternoon.

    A year later he became a Senior Trainer which sees him coordinating the delivery of training and assessment at Kingsgrove Depot and across the Southern Region. "As a trainer I developed the ability to handle surprises, be goal-oriented and manage my time. I’ve also had to negotiate, engage people and show a willingness to learn."

    One of the most rewarding things for Esat however is being able to impart the skills he has learned on the road to others. "What I love about my job as a training coordinator the sense of achievement when I see my trainees becoming successful Bus Operators, Trainers, Supervisors and even Managers." Esat also sees the commitment of the staff as State Transit as a true benefit to the job. "I love that I get to learn new things about the company everyday. It’s great to work with people who are doing a great job and care about their company."

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