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    Bus Operator

    Meet Raj! Raj is a Bus Operator at Leichhardt Depot and joined State Transit in 2010. "I was looking for a job with great opportunities when a friend who was working as a Bus Operator at Ryde suggested that I join. One day I took a ride with him on the bus and was really impressed." Shortly after he began his traineeship at Leichhardt and became a fully-fledged driver in 2012.

    Since then Raj has gone on to discover the many other benefits of the job. "Some of the benefits I see about for State Transit are getting 5 weeks annual leave with the option to purchase 4 more and having free travel on government transport." Working the midday relief shift is also great for Raj and his family. "Because I start late, I am able to drop the kids to school in the morning where as my wife starts and finishes early, so she collects them in the afternoon."

    But most importantly, Raj sees the skills he has gained as the biggest benefit. "The best part of the job is being able to work in a diverse environment. You meet different people with different attitudes which help you to refresh your approach to communicating." He is always keen to learn new things and in addition to improving his communication and customer service skills, he has also learned how to drive safely, how to manage his time and most importantly, how to be patient.

    These skills were recognised when Raj was awarded the 2015 Chief Executive's Award for Exceptional Customer Service after going out of his way to see an elderly customer safely home. His job has also enabled him to succeed personally as well professionally. "Because of this job, I have been able to achieve my personal target of buying my own home and more importantly, I have stability in my career and in my life."

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