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    Bus Operator

    Meet Leslie! Leslie began her traineeship in 2010 and now works as a full time Bus Operator in Port Botany. Leslie appreciates how welcome she feels at work. "State Transit allows me to be me without judgement. People here come from all walks of life and work backgrounds and we have all become like family"

    Working as a Bus Operator gives Leslie the work-life balance she needs and she enjoys the flexibility. "I'm not a morning person! Working nights allows me to enjoy the days by going to the beach in summer and to the gym in winter or even get some shopping done before I head to work."

    Since completing her traineeship, Leslie has spent much of her time acting in other roles. These have included working as a Yard Supervisor coordinating the movement and despatch of buses at the depot and as a Duty Officer coordinating the day to day operations of staff at the depot. "There's a continuous flow of job opportunities where we are provided with training. State Transit allows you to turn your job into a career."

    Leslie believes the secret to succeeding on the road is to be flexible, positive, optimistic and have a lot of patience! And of course she enjoys being behind the wheel. "I receive a lot of positive comments from customers when they board my bus. I guess they're not used to seeing female drivers. Despite the size of the bus, they're a lot easier to drive than they look!"

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