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    Selection Process

    The Recruitment Process is an 8 step process:

    Stage 1: Application

    Stage 2: Initial Screening

    Stage 3: Job Related Testing - Online screener

    Stage 4: Assessment Centre

    Stage 5: Pre-Employment Checks

    Stage 6: Driver Evaluation

    Stage 7: Offer of Employment

    Stage 8: Induction

    Stage 1: Application

    You must apply online at Refer to the section on this website titled How to Apply.

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    Stage 2: Initial Screening

    To be eligible to apply you must:

    • Be a permanent resident of Australia or citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
    • Have held an unrestricted Australian driver's licence for 12 months of the last 2 years or you hold a New Zealand equivalent of the Transport NSW Bus Driver Authority Card.
    • Have recent and regular driving experience in a metropolitan area.
    • Have a good driving history.
    • Be willing to work all the shifts required of the position.
    • Commit to comply with all State Transit's policies including the policy on Drugs and Alcohol, Fatigue Management and Cultural Diversity.
    • Maintain a weight below 130 kilos.
    • Not have been unsuccessful at any of State Transit's Bus Operator selection assessments in the last 6 months (with the exception of Job Related Testing which is 12 months and  those applicants who failed the Evaluation of Bus Driving Aptitude but have since obtained an MR or higher licence or obtained at least 3 months heavy vehicle driving experience).
    • Not be prohibited to work with children.

    If you do not meet the requirements listed above you will be sent an email confirming the reason your application has been declined. You can apply again when you are able to meet all the eligibility requirements.

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    Stage 3: Job Related Testing - Online screener

    If you successfully meet all requirements at the initial stage of the application, you will be emailed an Online Screener test to complete at home.

    What is Job Related Testing?

    Job related tests are designed to measure a candidate's current ability and future potential for different types of work skills.  Specific skills which can be assessed include your ability to read and understand written information; your ability add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers; your ability to recognise shapes; your attention to detail; and your speed and accuracy in processing information. Job related tests are used by State Transit Authority to assist in the selection and development of their workforce.

    Why is Job Related testing conducted?

    Job-related tests are used to measure particular abilities and aptitudes needed to successfully carry out the job you have applied for.  These skills have been found to distinguish between those who do the job well and those who perform less well.  The results of the tests are used to match applicants to the `ideal’ profile for a job or to determine if certain minimum requirements have been met.

    Job Related Test to be conducted

    The assessment tests administered are determined by the particular position for which selection is taking place.  For Bus Operator recruitment, it will include the following tests:

    Reading Comprehension Test - which measures the ability to read and understand written material. This test is different is a different version of the reading comprehension you completed online and allows us to verify your earlier result.

    When you are sent an email inviting you to complete the online screener, you will also be advised of the time frame you have to complete the assessment. The screener is to be completed in a quite location with no assistance from other people.

    The screener is timed, so ensure you are feeling well, have all necessary tools (reading glasses) and will not be distracted once you commence the assessment. Once you have completed the screener a Recruiter will be in contact with you via email to let you know your results. 

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties you must contact a Recruiter immediately on 1300 305 855.  

    If you fail to complete the online screener within 2 weeks, your application will be withdrawn.

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    Stage 4: Assessment Centre

    If you successfully meet the benchmark for the Online Screener, you will be emailed an invitation to schedule a time to attend an Assessment Centre comprising of verification testing and Multi-Mini interview.  The Assessment Centre is located at Burwood.

    You will undertake a survey called the "Bus Operator Selection Survey". This survey is administered on a computer and measures several important variables related to effective bus operators.  Please ensure you bring any tools, such as glasses with you.

    Bus Operator Selection Survey measures variables that are predictive of bus operator performance. This is an untimed questionnaire.

    What is a Multi-Mini interview?

    Multi-Mini interviews (MMI's) involve a series of short, structured and timed interview stations where you will be asked behavioural interviewing questions to determine your suitability for the position for which you have applied.

    Why run Multi-Mini interviews?

    MMI's provide an opportunity to obtain additional information about your skills and abilities specifically relevant to the position for which you have applied.  They support the principles of merit selection by ensuring that selection decisions are based on fair and objective assessment of your skills and abilities.  This increases the chance of selection the best candidates for the job.

    What does it involve?

    Your MMI will consist of two "stations" where behavioural interviewing questions will be posted that are relevant to the State Transit Authority - Bus Driver role.

    You will be interviewed for five minutes at each station and there will be a two minute break between stations.  This is repeated twice. Two interviewers will be present at each station.  On the day, you will meet a total of 4 interviewers.  Full instructions will be provided on the day.

    Who conducts Assessment Centres?

    You will be interviewed by Business Representatives in addition to trained and qualified individuals from Workforce Selection & Supply unit at Transport for NSW.

    You must bring with you the documents listed below (where applicable).

    • Proof of Australian or NZ citizenship or permanent residency in Australia
    • Australian driver's licence or NZ Bus Driver Authority Card
    • Driving history obtained from relevant licensing agency.
    • Department of Transport Bus Driver Authority Card (if applicable)
    • Cert III in Driving Operations (Bus) (if applicable)
    • Part Q - Medical Questionnaire

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    Stage 5: Pre-Employment Checks

    State Transit Questionnaire

    You will be asked to complete a questionnaire to reconfirm you can meet the essential job requirements in relation to shift work and fatigue management.

    The questionnaire also asks for details of:

    • Your referees (in most cases these must be work related).
    • Secondary employment you wish to do whilst working for STA.
    • Holidays you have already booked.
    • Current work restrictions.
    • Any illness or disability that might affect your ability to safely perform the role of Bus Operator.
    • Unspent criminal convictions or matters pending.

    Pre-employment Health Assessment

    This consists of:

    • Medical Assessment for Bus Driver Authority Card (if applicable) 
    • A functional assessment.
    • Drug and alcohol test. This test is required because the position of Bus Operator is classified by legislation as a Transport Safety Worker.

    Working with Children Check Clearance

    You will be asked to apply online a NSW Working with Children Check.

    By law, State Transit is not allowed to employ as a Bus Operator, any person who is prohibited from undertaking child related employment as defined in the Commission for Children and Young People Act.

    Reference Checks

    You will be enquired to provide 2 referee checks to confirm your suitability for work as a Bus Operator. You are expected to nominate recent line managers or supervisors who can comment on your work performance.

    MR Knowledge Test

    You will need to go to your local motor registry and complete the MR knowledge test to obtain an MR learner's permit.  You will then need to purchase the MR Licence Logbook.

     To prepare for the knowledge test you can either download the Knowledge Handbook from the Roads and Maritime website or purchase a copy from a local Roads and Maritime branch. You may also attempt a practice test on the Roads and Maritime website. If you already hold an MR licence or above you do not need to complete this stage again.

    Applications for Transport for NSW Bus Driver Authority Card

    You will need to apply for the Department of Transport Bus Driver Authority Card.  If you already have a current Bus Driver Authority Card, you do not need to apply again.

    As the application includes a criminal check which can take up to 6 weeks to clear, you will be asked to complete a Statutory Declaration to confirm any unspent criminal history or matters pending on your first day of employment. Declarations should match the information already provided to State Transit in the Final Employment Checks Stage (STA Questionnaire). This Statutory Declaration may then be used by the Department of Transport to issue a Bus Driver Authority Card pending completion of the necessary criminal history check.

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    Stage 6: Drive Evaluation

    The evaluation of bus driving aptitude provides applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to safely drive a bus. It gives applicants the opportunity to:

    • Drive a bus under instruction from a heavy vehicle driving instructor.
    • Discuss the job with management and other drivers.
    • Inspect workplace facilities.
    • View rosters/shifts.

    The evaluation will:

    • Generally take place between 10am to 3.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Take 1 to 5 days depending on your prior experience, licence and progress in the evaluation.
    • Require applicants to successfully pass each day's evaluation criteria to progress through to the next day. At the start of each day, a briefing is provided by the trainer on the evaluation criteria to be covered during the day.

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    Stage 7: Offer of Employment

    Once you have successfully passed all of the abovementioned Pre-Employment Checks your application will be recommended for approval.  Once approved you will be contacted by your recruiter confirming your location.

    If you indicate a preference for more than one region, a Recruitment Consultant will assign you to a region taking into consideration the number of vacancies for each region and your home location. You will then be emailed an Offer Letter outlining the terms and conditions of your employment.

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    Stage 8: Induction

    You will undertake a 2-3 (full time) induction program consisting of theory and practical learning for the role of Bus Operator.  This training will be conducted at the Transport Training Centre at Petersham as well as practical training at your home depot.

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