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    Learn while you earn as a Junior or Adult Apprentice, enjoying the benefits of a free employee travel pass, paid study, uniforms and excellent conditions.

    State Transit is a secure and rewarding organisation that offers unrivalled opportunities for apprentices to gain life long skills and drive fulfilling careers.

    We are a leader in the bus services industry with an effective appprenticeship program that develops mechanics and body builders, with excellent benefits on offer.

    State Transit’s Apprenticeship Program is vital in maintaining the highly skilled, engineering workforce needed to ensure bus reliability for the Sydney and Newcastle communities.

    The Training Program

    During the first three years of the apprenticeship, apprentices complete a combination of on-the-job training at a number of State Transit bus depots and off the job training at TAFE. Apprentices will also be required to attend external on the job training placements with trade specialists and product training related to the bus fleet.

    The fourth and final year is spent entirely on-the-job, practicing the skills and knowledge already gained.  On completion of all the training requirements of the vocation, apprentices are awarded a nationally recognised qualification in the trade.

    Apprentices should expect to be trained, coached and mentored on a daily basis by qualified trades staff who will provide practical demonstrations, daily skills training, assistance with theory/knowledge, use of technical manuals and on-going feedback. 

    Current rates of Pay

    Junior Apprenticeship

    Year 1 $484.00 per week
    Year 2 $578.70 per week
    Year 3 $721.10 per week
    Year 4 $843.20 per week

    Adult Apprenticeship

    Apprentices who are aged 21 are classified as an Adult Apprentice.  Adult apprentices are classified as Engineering Repair Assistant (ERA) Level 2  (currently $818.80 per week.)  Adult apprentices are paid this rate until such time the apprentice rate is greater than the ERA Level 2 rate i.e. year 4 of the apprenticeship.

    State Transit’s Fleet

    State Transit’s fleet of over 1900 buses is made up of Volvo, Mercedes, Scania and MAN buses and over the next four years, State Transit will replace more than a quarter of its fleet.

    The new buses will include Euro 5 Volvo diesel and CNG Mercedes buses. This is the biggest ever investment in new buses in NSW history and also the largest single capital investment by any one bus company in Australian history.

    For more information on the State Transit bus fleet, visit our Fleet pages.

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