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    Scania L113TRBL

    As part of an order for 300 new air-conditioned buses, fifty high-capacity Scania buses were delivered to State Transit in 1993 and 1994.


    Scania L113TRBL


    The Scania buses differed from earlier models of buses. They feature individual cloth seating, electronic destination signage, and are fully air-conditioned.

    The buses were recently refurbished, receiving improved seating, new flooring and handrails, and upgraded electronic destination signage.


    Facts & Figures

    Chassis: Scania L113TRBL
    Built By: Ansair (Tullamarine & Tamworth)
    Length: 14.5 metres
    Seating Capacity: 59 (3428, 3435), 61 (3411-3427, 3429-3434, 3436-3446, 3448-3460)
    Fuel: Diesel
    Years entered service: 1993-1994


    Scania L113TRBL


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