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    The past 75 years have brought about many changes from conductors and double decker buses to PrePay only services and bendy buses. Have a look at our timeline for an overview of the 75 years from 1932 to 2007.


    Read through events of tthe past decades in the timeline below or download the
    Timeline of Events (319 Kb).

    1930 - 1940


    1940 - 1950


    1950 - 1960

    The first new double decker bus was added to the fleet in 1933. The Albion Venturer model (pictured) was introduced in 1935.
    There were a number of different types of Albion Venturer buses introduced to the fleet during the 1930s and 1940s.

    1952 marked the start of one- person operated buses, without a conductor, collecting fares on the bus. The A.E.C. Regal III (pictured) was introduced as part of a replacement fleet.

    1960 - 1970


    1970 - 1980


    1980 - 1990


    Blue and white buses replaced the green and cream vehicles in 1969.

    In 1977 the first Mercedes bus was unveiled. Since then, more than 2,000 buses have been introduced State Transit's fleet.

    The Sydney Explorer service was introduced in 1980, followed by the Bondi Explorer in the 1990s.

    1990 - 2000


    2000 Onwards


    In the late 1980s, MetroTen machines were installed on all buses. The current green machines were introduced from 1992.

    The 333 Bondi Bendy was introduced in 2006, the first PrePay only service. This has been followed by the introduction of more than 20 PrePay services in 2007.

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